18 July 2004

Bumper Stickers, Part the Second

Since we're on the subject of bumper stickers, allow me to comment on a couple I've seen lately.

The first was on an old Ford Ranger pick-up; it was styled after the current GWB-04 campaign stickers, except it read "Re-Defeat Bush in 04". Clever. OK, so they're still spewing the "stolen election" / "selected, not elected" bullshit. Do the math, moron. They didn't defeat GWB, he won. Period. Of the 43 lawsuits filed regarding the 2000 election results in Florida, 41 were filed by algore's team after every recount came up with the same result. Bush won. So take your ratty-assed pick-up with expired plates and the pizza delivery sign suction-cupped to the roof back to Delusion Central and stay out of my way.

The other was on the bumper on both of the cars owned by people whom I love and respect. They take hard earned and well deserved great pride in their cars and do not place "graffiti" on their vehicles. On each bumper rests a small (4" square), tastefully executed decal stating "Outsource Bush". I honestly didn't "get it", so I asked what it meant, beyond the obvious vitriol. I was harangued for about 45 minutes about how GWB has personally outsourced all the decent jobs in this country.

Hmmm. I pay pretty close attention to the news, but I don't recall the President signing any Legislation entitled "The Great Authorization for US Companies to be Required to send their Work Over-Seas and Divert the Profits to Halliburton Act" of 2003 or what-ever. I mean, I'm not being purposefully obtuse here; if you can point out the specific things the current administration has done or allowed to happen that resulted in this whole big "outsourcing" issue, I am more than willing to listen. I may even take up the cause, if the evidence is compelling enough.

But again, I pay pretty close attention to the news. I see all the economic indicators pointing in good directions. I see Crazy Al over at the Fed raising the prime rate because of inflation concerns, it seems that the economy is growing too fast. I see the left backing away from the "3 million jobs lost" line of crap as it evaporates in the harsh light of reality's noon-day sun. At last count, we had re-couped 2.7 million of the 3 million jobs lost after 11 September 2001. (Note to the left: Does that date mean anything to you? Those of us who do not suffer from a cranial / rectal inversion realize that we had a rough 4th quarter in 2001; through now fault of our own.)

I'll post more "bumper sticker" musings as they come to me. If you've seen any good bumper stickers (for either side of the debate), please drop me a line at heywoodblogger at yahoo dot com.


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