22 July 2004

Flight 327 and other moore-ons

Rachel Lucas offers some excellent commentary on Flight 327.  Go read all her posts in the "Gimme Valium" series right now. 

This whole "Flight 327" thing should drive us all into some serious introspection:  what would you have done if you were in Annie Jacobsen's seat?  And if there were Air Marshalls on the flight, WTF were they doing?  The in-flight magazine is not that interesting.  I'm actually waiting for the left to bring Flight 327 up as an example of GWB's failure to do something about terrorism at home, being an election year and all.

Go read Rachel's posts, follow the links and sit down and do some serious soul searching.

She also gets a couple of good whacks in along the way on the subject of michael moore and the hollywood left and their mis-understanding of exactly what "freedom of speech" means. 


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