23 July 2004

He's (almost) back / Frank J.'s funny

Bill Whittle has again surfaced to let us know he's OK and to call off the search party.  Stop teasing us, dammit.....

Frank J. of IMAO fame has a really funny "fisking"(?) of The Eagles' "Desparado" / Linda Ronstadt / michael moore that you should read.  I somewhat agree with Rachel Lucas, "Desparado" is not all that great on it's own merits:

First of all, not every American loves that song. In fact, I myself am one American who completely freaking hates that song and always has. I think it's stultifyingly boring, and frankly, silly.

But, taken in context of the entire LP, the song kicks ass.  Problem is, most people have never heard the "Doolin-Dalton Reprise" or "Out of Control" or "Twenty One".  They just sit there listening to their "Eagles Greatest Hits" LP thinking they know all about The Eagles.  But I digress......


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