14 August 2004

The Dog Days


I've been falling below my self imposed standards for frequency in blogging lately. Sorry. Imagine that, letting Real Life get in the way of the on-line existence. But it's not just me.....

Lileks is on vacation, denBeste is giving it a miss for the Dog Days. Whittle is kinda back, with another teaser about the forthcoming "Tribes" essay and the book. Frank is still working out the kinks; and Misha is just falling flat with me lately (".....it's not you, it's me....."). Ann is mailing it in once a week. My Brothers-in-Blog on this and other endeavors seem to be missing as well.

My personal theory is that everyone is resting up until after Labor Day. Once we're in the electoral home stretch, I believe the blogosphere will positively glow with a white hot brightness.

Lileks hit upon something a couple of days ago: SBHFS (Sudden Bush Hatred Fatigue Syndrome) where you just can't take it anymore and need a break from it all. Maybe that's it.

Maybe we've reached our limit of all the baseless hatred spewed by the left and their willing accomplices. Maybe we need tin-foil hats of our own, to insulate our brains from the barrage of crap that gets shoveled on a daily basis. Maybe we should drink more. I don't know.

There are a few giggles out there; Ironbear has a list of definitions that makes you think and chuckle. And I recently discovered VodkaPundit; go read his "50 Things" lists for some ponderous laughs.


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