26 August 2004

Minor Targets of Opportunity

So much to blog, so little time. A few random targets of opportunity, from the long targeting list in my head.
Alice Cooper is Spot.On. Alice Cooper takes on the whole idea of the "Vote For Change" concert series (that I have commented on in the past couple of weeks) and shows it for what it's worth. A good read. Now riddle me this: why is it that I had to get this story from a canadian newspaper?
This is why you read the comments..... Through a daisy chain series of links that started with Rachel Lucas and ended here (a "must" read), I stumbled upon a commenter who nailed it solid:

".....To the earlier poster who couldn’t find a reason to vote for Bush, perhaps the following might be reasons enough for a sane person:

George W. Bush survived a crude coup d’etat and voter fraud that set back a smooth transition to the White House; took over the pig sty left by the Clintons both literally and figuratively; inherited the collapse of the Ponzi scheme economy of smoke and mirrors bolstered by the media; was faced with an intelligence community in ruins and a military both low in morale and materiel, faced a relentless barrage of bashing from every side of the leftwing nutcase community and before he could settle into his new position was hit by the worse act of terror this country ever faced. He was magnificent in his masterful leadership while the media called him a coward for running and hiding, he cooly set to work ignoring the gnats buzzing around his head....."

The comment was posted by "erp", and it's well down the page. There's quite a lively discussion thread that is entertaining and informative to follow.
AirAmerica is coming to Moscow on the Huron. I can hardly fookin wait. I haven't read them in detail yet, but Pravda's fluff pieces look to be truely "fisk-worthy", but I haven't the time or energy right now. Maybe when AirAmerica welches on their contracts and leaves town in the middle of the night (like they've done in LosAngeles and Chicago) I'll do a whole big AirAmerica Grand Fisking and Review. Or maybe not


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