24 September 2004

The liberal mindset, and various other random thoughts

"Why Louisville?" I asked previously. I am contemplating accepting a job in the Louisville area. So there.

The posts "saved as draft" turned out to be largely crap: either too incoherent or too much "old news" to publish. I tried a savlage job on Throw Away Candidates; there's a cohesive post in there somewhere yearning to be free.
For those of you following my inpromptu bumper sticker research, I have an update for both of you, repleat with observations on polling data and Ralph Nader, but not Ralph Nader polling data.
I was in the airport recently and passed one of our Marines on the concourse. Roughly thirty-something, wearing desert camo. Didn't catch the rank insignia. I gave him "the nod" and thanked him for his service. Without blinking, he replied "It's an Honor". I'm a slacker. The next time, I'm buying him (or her) a beer. They sell beer in airports, don't they? Don't be a slacker; buy some beer for our men and women in uniform. Mmmmm, beer.
The Blogging Caesar's latest update makes me smile, although Stephen Green makes a good point about how we should be expecting more proactivity from the Administration.


At 27 September, 2004 15:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CALL ME!!! I'm in the process of quitting smoking and getting a new computer. These two items should add up to plenty of extra nervous enrgy all pent up and waiting to explode all over this blog page. I decided to quit when I had pneumonia and couldn't breath!


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