07 September 2004

Random thoughts from a random mind

I had to seriously sit and think about what day of the week it was. Right, the 'puter says Tuesay, but it's really Monday night. See how smart I be? Yet another post that I started two or three days ago, but events have conspired against me.
Jebeezus, where to start? There's so much out there to blog about. I'm brewing up a piece on billyjeff blythe's heart problems and the timing thereof; I've been reading the DemocraticUnderground for reference material, but it really makes my head hurt and I can only take it in small doses.....where do they get their polling numbers? Even the Blogging Ceasar (who I consider a pessimist) has a better grip on what's going on.
In case you haven't figured it out by now, Mark Steyn is a fookin' genius. Read him where-ever you can find him.
Damn shame about what those muslim extremeist did at that Russian school. I'm waiting for Putin to come to the WhiteHouse with his hat in hand to finally admit he was wrong and to discuss the plan of action (hint: it involves Lots.Of.Ordnance. Maybe we could work out some sort of lend-lease deal so that Putin would have the equipment to do it right.....funk that, we'll do it ourselves, just clear the airspace)
Kim duToit takes a good look at illegal immigration. An immigrant his own damn self, he's Spot.On. with his suggestions. Go read
So much to blog, so little time


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