12 September 2004

Tuesdays, Heart Conditions, Hurricanes, Forgeries

So anyway It's like you have to be blogging at your 'puter like 24/7 to stay on top of things. Jebeezus, things sure do move fast. Just a sample of things that I was a day late and a dollar short on:

Last Tuesday, I was somewhat disjointed, what started as a rant about the DNC's ravings and the USPS (not related) took a weird turn and went semi-reflective on 11 September, in a Lileks-esque way. I'm still puzzled.....
I completely missed the boat on billyjeff's heart condition; note to self: blog it today, not tomorrow.
Ivan poises to strike the Florida panhandle; give some blood, dammit. What I said a month ago still applies.....
Cripes, the "news cycle" sure has been sped up, and the New Media is and will be all the better for it. "Forgerygate" crossed my threshhold of consciousness on Friday morning; by the time I could sit down at the 'puter the issue had been beaten to death by the Blogosphere. Bonus random musings about campaign ads are included.


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