28 February 2005

Heywood: Super Geek

or is it "Uber-Geek"? I get confused

So anyway I start the new job this morning and the boss man tells me to go get settled into my cube (which is about a fourth the size of the "cage" we're holding Saddam Hussien in, but I digress); boss says he's called IT and they'll be delivering my computer before lunch. So I start unpacking the big box with the pictures of the Missus and the kids (along with about four years worth of pages from the Dilbert desk calendar) and all that other officey type stuff when some one says "Mr. Jablowme?" I say "Yes?" He says "I gots your computer, sign here" and he thrust a clipboard at me. I sign on the line and prepare to get out of the small but tiny cube so that he can set the 'puter up, and he hands me a box.

Containing a laptop.

Forty-five minutes later, the Boss asks if I was anywhere near being done with the Happy Dance.

Not that it's the latest and greatest whiz-bang laptop on the planet, but it's a laptop. Here's where the uber-geek part comes in. For the past hour and a half, I've been standing in the kitchen playing with the laptop on the kitchen counter. I plugged it in and fired it up "just to see if I could make it work" with my ISP, and I've been standing here ever since, wondering where I can get a good deal on a wireless card so I can go sit in some stoopid coffee shop and blog.

Who knows? Maybe by doing my blogging standing up I'd be less likely to wake up with the imprint of a keyboard on my face.

More serious blogging will resume shortly, as my life gets back to normal (and I get a wireless card).

24 February 2005

A Whopper and a 40 oz quart of beer

"40 oz Quart" heh. I just love oxymorons

"A Whopper and a 40 oz quart of beer" has been a standing running joke with my former cube-mates in response to being asked what one's lunch plans are. Although rare occassions, there were times when lunch consisted of stopping at al-Machmoodi's Mosque of Discount Spirits and Cell Phone and Pager Superstore for a quart of beer and then hitting the drive thru at BurgerKing for a Whopper (ummm, The Whopper: quite possible the world's most perfect food, all five food groups in the palm of your hand.)

At a former job, it was not uncommon to see the entire engineering department having lunch at the local watering hole with pitchers of beer involved. By "not uncommon" I mean like every freakin' Friday.

To that end, Kim duToit has opined on the concept of the lunch time drink. As usual, Kim is spot on. Give it a read, and discuss it amongst yourselves.

This material may be the subject of an upcoming quiz, or could be covered on the mid-term exam next week.

22 February 2005

Monday Night Wrap Up

Surely I’m not the only one who sees the obvious connection. And don’t call me Shirley.

Hunter S. Thompson has died. I know a lot of the VRWC could not be counted among Thompson’s fans; and to be honest, I’m not that well versed in his work outside of his Rolling Stone contributions. I first became aware of Thompson as he appeared as “Uncle Duke” in G.B.Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” comic. Back in the day, I read his Rolling Stone work and remember being amused at the time. I realize that his recent work was extremely leftist and that he was, by all accounts, a communist. Still, the loss of the man who P.J.O’Rourke credits as his inspiration should be noted with pause.

Then there’s Doug Wead. Jebeezus, where to start? Surely, I’m not the only one who sees the obvious parallel between Weed and Linda Tripp. I’m a little fuzzy about most of the goings on during billy jeff blythe clinton’s administration (the psychologists call it repression) but I do recall how Tripp was demonized for “secretly recording” conversations with her “friend” Monica Lewinski, then using the recordings for “personal gain”. The left and the MSM dismissed Tripp out of hand because of the subterfuge involved in obtaining the recordings.

Now we had telephone conversations between “friends” recorded “secretly” without the full knowledge and acquiescence of both parties that the MSM will be touting as the gospel truth, so that ultimately Doug Wead can sell his book for “personal gain”.


It will be interesting to see what gets left out of the MSM’s reporting of these recordings, as there’s no obvious parallel between the Weed and Tripp examples.

Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing stories about hillary calling for a larger standing military. Yeah, like that will ever happen.....

OK, I'm not the only one. Lileks spotted the Tripp / Wead parallel.

19 February 2005

United Nations Thoughts

I've been spending some time contemplating a common sentiment among the liberal chattering classes. I was speaking to a woman who was very much anti-war. She asked me if I'd be willing to let one of my sons join the army and fight this unjust war. Without thinking twice I blurted out, ABSOLUTELY. She went on, "why do our sons and daughters have to be the ones to die freeing the Iraqi's". Because of people like you supporting a corrupt U.N. believing that they are going to their job enforcing their own security council resolutions, when in reality, they are likely one of the most corrupt agencies in the history of mankind! She should be mad alright, not at Bush and me, but at Europe and the U.N.. How many times do stories like these have to surface befor the MSM starts to look for the answer? (hint, one parts in New York, and the rest is over the pond).

Now I'm sure it never occured to her that some people feel differently than her because she looked totally shocked. That's a part that sometimes sucks about living in a blue state. I then told her that I myself joined the service when the Iranians took our citizens hostage, heading off the obligitory "you're being a hypocrate" response. And that I would be proud if any of my sons decided to join and fight.

Dennis Boyles over at NRO has some great advice for the President regarding his upcoming trip to Europe. I hope he takes all of it and I concur completely. Pressure must be placed on Europe if we are to hope that the U.N. can begin to provide any kind of service to the world. I myself would support a complete withdrawl from the U.N., but alas, I am a realist. Even so, you can support the withdrawl of the United States from the U.N. by going here.

18 February 2005

So it has begun

Bring it on, mo-fo

So the MSM is making squeaking noises about the blogosphere and bloggers in general. Even the usually blog-friendly Wall Street Journal has taken to blog bashing.

My response is quite predictable to both of our long time readers:


The MSM that is, not our readers. But you knew that.

I’m sure the Buggy Whip Manufacturers Association pitched a royal bitch about the coming of the automobile as well. Hewitt was talking up some article in support of the blogosphere by Peggy Noonan at Opinion Journal; do go and read it. Of course, you already had the link from Lileks this morning…..

The observation has been made that the MSM’s reaction to the blogosphere is exactly the same reaction they had to the emergence of talk radio in general and Rush Limbaugh in specific. I might add that Matt Drudge got very much the same treatment when he came into prominence.

Curiously, the MSM isn’t bitching about The Democratic Underground or The Daily Kos. Talk about ‘things that make you go “Hmmm”.’ Just thinkin’ out loud, that’s all.

16 February 2005

Tuesday Night Wrap Up

yeah, I know: it’s a little different

Via 4 Right Wing Wackos, I stumbled upon an outstanding piece by Popular Mechanics, debunking all the moonbat theories surrounding the islamofascist terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Per my long standing policy: please be advised, there are graphic images of That Day. That said, go yea therefore and read the PM piece.

I have been righteously pissed off about a number of items in the news the past few days, but my ire is mitigated by the fact that my (real) life will be returning to normal soon. (Please hold whilst I do the Happy Dance™. Thank You). I hope to return to more regular, predictable blogging very soon. And if my Brother-In-Blog and I can find a pub with WiFi, real dart boards, and Guinness on tap somewhere betwixt Livonia and Northville, you’d better just close the storm shutters now.....

Dr.Rice has ordered our representatives from Syria home, in wake of the terrorist’s bombing. Good. If you read between the lines, recalling our representatives should be construed as being put on notice.

I’ve long had suspicions about the Syrians and their lap-dog state Lebanon. I still would like to see every nook and cranny of the Beka Valley explored; I’ve got $20 that says you’d find WMDs stamped with “Property of S.Hussien” buried under the sand there. Sure, the “exit strategy” calls for stops in Iran and North Korea on the way home, but Syria should internalize the fact that they are merely a spring afternoon’s diversion for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force as a “skill sharpening exercise” and that the Syrians should STFU and get with the program, like yesterday if not sooner. What part of “you’re either with us or against us” don’t they understand?

The Syrians, the Iranians, and North Korea’s poofy haired bastard had best understand that while they are soveriegn nations, their soveriegncy is contingent on them abiding by the rules of decent society as deciced by, well, the United States of America. Ann Coulter said recently that “.....international law is whatever the United Stated and the United Kingdom say it is.....” and that theory can be extrapolated to cover this situation. It is in out National Interest to dictate the Rules of Decent Society for the rest of the world and we will enforce those rules as we deem necessary to protect our National Interests and Security.

Oh, BTW: if you are living in Iran within sight of the Iranian nucular facility: Move. Now. That site is going to soon be a smoldering hole in the ground courtesy of American made ordnance delivered by American made aircraft, driven by Israelis. You “give peace a chance” morons can just start getting over it now, ‘cause it’s going to happen. Before Memorial Day. Hopefully they can set up a pay-per-view deal so we can see it live.

News Flash: Lobsters, crabs, terrorists, crustaceans et al. don’t feel pain. You can just imagine my relief. Now I can dump those spiny little fcukers into vats of boiling water and serve them up with rendered (or is it clarified?) butter without guilt. I have a recipe for lobster quiche somewhere.....

My sincere apologies to crustaceans everywhere for associating them with terrorists. My bad. I have had a long standing love for all crustaceans, as anyone who has ever lunched with me can attest.

Besides, everyone knows that you dump terrorists into vats of boiling oil.

12 February 2005

'Till Death Do Us Part?

I've been watching this story for a long time. It makes me sick as I have a sister who is in a similar situation. We would NEVER think to pull her feeding tube. A feeding tube is totally different than say pulling the plug on a lung machine anyway. For Gods sake, she is going to starve to death. Doesn't that give the judge any shivers? Another left-wing activist judge legislating the right to kill from the bench.

Eason Jordan Resigns His Post at CNN

So I decide to go straight to the source for their coverage of the resignation, and I had to dig pretty deep before finding it in the Entertainment section on CNN's web site. Well it is entertaining to those of us who have been crying about a left-wing bias in the MSM for longer than I'd like to admit. At least he had some integrity stepping down so fast. Dan Rather is still working! I see that some Dems are getting smarter and distancing themselves from these types of comments a lot quicker. At least the ones who were in attendance, the silence from the rest (as well as the MSM) is deafening. Once again, right-wing blogs influence what gets covered in the news. Maybe they can start to connct the dots soon (Hillary's gonna need it).

Ronald Reagan Stamp

I was talking to my brother and he was exited about the new stamp. It's an honor and an obligation to grab a few.

07 February 2005

AirSick America

The things I do for you people

So anyway I’m on the road out in the boonies and I’m hitting the “Seek” button on the radio and I stumble across Air America.


The hostess was screeching on and on about some leaked Pentagon memo that Donald Rumsfeld wants the “bunker buster nuke” program protected in the new budget and demanded that the program be funded to the tune of $10,000,000. She screeched and screeched and screeched for like fifteen minutes without taking a breath. Poorly paraphrased, she said something to the tune of “How can this country, who tells everyone other country in the world who can and who cannot have nucular weapons, go on and develop this bomb?” or some such pathetic drivel.

“.....this country.....” hmmm. Please see previous. Curious.

My thoughts ran somewhere along the following lines:

· $10 million? Is that all? What a bargain. Can we get two?
· If we pony up $30 million, can we have the bunker buster nuke three times faster?
· Isn’t $10 million the same amount that Air America has bilked it’s affiliates out of?
· Can we get 5 of them for $40 million? Volume discount and all.

To the Air America screech-ette, the answer to your question is:

Because.We.Can. And.We.Should.

Ann Coulter opined recently that “.....international law is whatever the United States and Great Britain say it is.....” Danm right.

We can tell the rest of the world who can and who cannot because saying so is In.Our.National.Interest., and quite frankly, our National Interests (and to a slightly lesser degree, the interest of our staunch and unwavering allies. All three of them.) are the only interests with which we should be concerned.

Maybe I lack the Davos-centric sensibilities of the world crowd, but the concept of “you’re either with us or against us” works for me, kinda like how I intuitively understand what is meant by the line “.....the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Straight talk will always triumph over nuance.

My question to the screech-ette is this: Exactly what part of “provide for the common defense” do you have issue with? Hear me now and believe me later: we put forth a strong defense (bunker buster nukes included) meaning we decide who can and who cannot have nucular weapons, or you’ll be doing you Air America program whilst wearing a bhurka. Clear enough?


We’re coming after you, CNN.....

So you’ve been hearing snippets of this whole Eason Jordan / CNN fiasco from the Mutual Masturbation Societies’ recent meetings in Davos, Switzerland. In case you missed it; Mr.Jordan of the Clinton News Network stated that the United States military had “.....targeted and killed twelve journalists.....” in Iraq. Excuse me, the now sovereign Iraq.

This story broke on the blogosphere / AM radio last Tuesday; and there have been admissions, backtracking, denial, and subterfuge surrounding it since. Transcripts have been promised but not produced, video of the conference have been offered then retracted. The MSM has been silent over this issue, but that’s all coming to an end soon.

Hugh Hewitt went on record on the yakkity-yak shows over the weekend and on his radio program Monday evening stating the MSM black-out of this story will dissolve this week and the feeding frenzy will begin.

‘Bout friggin’ time.

It’s not like Hewitt needs the traffic, but he’s been coordinating the effort for the past week and he has all the links. We just hope he acknowledges from whence the three-hit spike in his page-views came.

Notice to CNN and the MSM et al: Rathergate was not an anomaly, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Your hull has been breached, and it is high time you stop re-arranging your oh-so-pretty deck chairs and either own up to who you really are and accept the consequences or stop your proselytizing and return to the actual reporting of the news without commentary.

There are more of us than there are of you.....

06 February 2005

Sunday Night Wrap up

or some-such nonsense

So anyway I haven’t watched TV since Election Night (We Won. You Lost. Get Over It). That’s like thirteen weeks this coming Tuesday. Yet I remain better informed than some who have the box on CNN / CBS / MSNBC / MSM et al 24/7. Curious. It’s amazing what the Blogosphere and AM radio can do for one’s situational awareness.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for their victory in the Super Bowl. Three words for the Eagles: “Hurry Up Offense”. If you’re down by 10, you live in the “two minute drill” even if there’s 5 minutes on the clock.

Paul McCartney: Yawn. Makes me glad I was on the road and listened to the game on the radio and subsequently missed the big half-time show. I am pissed that I missed all the commercials. “Hey, Jude” Please. I’m no Beatles fan by any stretch, and I place Sir Paul third on my list of Beatles (lennon being fourth). All I can say is “My Sweet Lord”.

So they’re flocking to canadia in droves (of at least 18,000). Good riddance. Those wankers should be tagged and never let back into our Country, for any reason. (Didn't I read something about this before? I thought so). To quote billy jeff blythe clinton: “Oh, baby! Go, baby. Go!”

Do any of those en-lightened soon-to-be-ex-pats realize (of course they don’t) what would have happened to the economy if the evil VRWC capitalist types would have bugged out after the clintons’ were elected or if john f’n kerry was elected?

So all of Air America’s listeners are moving to canadia and each are taking two people with them. So What? It’s not like those who would emigrate to canadia are actually contributing to the collective National bottom line anyway. Expect a correspondending decrease in the welfare roles and for half the coffee shops in Seattle to go broke.


05 February 2005

Humble art those who bloggeth here

Department of Unapologetic Americanism, indeed. Couldn't have pegged it better my own danm self

We would be remiss if we didn't "shout-out" to our Leige and Master, The Emperor Darth Misha the First, for adding us, thy most humble servants, to the Imperial Blogroll.

Thank you, Sir! May I have another?

02 February 2005

Connect the Dots

I'm starting to see a pattern

The Iraqi elections have been held, the results will not be available for days, but the fact that the elections happened at all is a testiment to the yearning for freedom.

Yeah! {Insert your version of the Happy Dance™ here}

If you take the long view, things are looking up in a big way. Let’s recount, shall we?

· August 2004: Afghanistan holds democratic elections; the first person to vote is a 19 year old woman
· October 2004: Howard’s Convervatives win the Austrailian election in a landslide, when they were expected to loose in a big way.
· November 2004: GWB / Four More Years / ‘Nuff said
· December 2004: The Palistinians hold elections following arafat’s (much too late) death; the new administration is making some small steps
· January 2005: Iraq successfully holds democratic elections for the first time in 50 years.

And expect Tony Blair to win in the parlimentary elections in early spring.

Is it just me, or is there a global movement towards democracy and freedom around the globe?

Two monumentous posts

By other people

I think the incomparable Mark Steyn has been reading Supply Side Politics. Both of our long time regular readers will recall that back in the second week of December, in the post titled “Leave my Constitution alone, dammit!”, I made reference to “Condi’s second term” and now Steyn uses the exact same words! I’m so humbled. I mean, like, Mark freakin’ Steyn. Really. Wow.

Seriously, though: go read Mr.Steyn’s work. All of it. Right.Now.

Mike over at Cold Fury delivers a smack-down of biblical proportions to the left, the UN, and europe et al. Out-Standing! If he was within 25 miles of where I’m sitting right now, I’d buy him all the beer he could drink. All I can say is “Righteous, brother. Ab-so-fookin-lutely righteous.”

Note to self: add Cold Fury to the blogroll, like yesterday, if not sooner.

A large and most flourished swag of the sombrero to the, well, wackos, over at 4 Right Wing Wackos for the tip on the Steyn column.

Second note to self: blogroll 4rww ASAP.

Damn, this off-line blogging situation really sucks. I sit here, listening to Jimmy Buffett, drinking cheap beer, and writing VRWC blog-posts, to be up-loaded to the blog at a date to be determined. Of course, if I were online and blogging live in the evenings, I’d stay up too damn late every night and ultimately get fired for being late every morning.