28 July 2005

Title: TBD

brace yourself for incoherence

I have decided that I really admire bloggers who can post something cogent every day, day in and day out. I've had plenty of things over the past week that were blog-worthy, but haven't had sufficient time to do anything about it.

Yes, National Peoples Radio is still pissing me off. But you knew that. The fact that congress is about to take a six week vacation when there's still so much to be done is annoying me to no end.

So much to blog, so little time. Ace sums it up (remind me to add Ace to the blogroll soon).

All together now, let'em hear you outside: it got late early 2 hours ago. I gotta go

21 July 2005

London calling (again)

insert subtitle here

I'm sure you've heard about the attempted bombings in London today, fortunately the bombs were all duds and there was no loss of life or serious injuries.

Looks like all the skilled islamofascist bomb makers blowd themselves up two weeks ago.

IMHO, the terrorists are pissing up the wrong rope if they think the British people will do a "spain" and roll over.

There's more, but it's late (haven't you heard this before?). One more wake-up this week; hopefully we can have a blog-tastic weekend.

Courage (Resolve)


I'm totally in the dark on this one.....and you are too

John Roberts? I think he was chosen to bump the AltaVista hit counter. Here's what I found out: he's a professor at Stanford, a blogger (with at least three blogs), a catholic priest, an authorized BMW dealer, an author, a photographer, and an English folk singer. I'll keep checking.

Already, three hours after the announcement, "prominent democrats" are prissing and preening over the nomination. Leahy going on about how ".....no one gets a free pass....." Wankers. GWB could have nominated the love child of Ghandi and Yoko Ono and the left would have been pissed off.

Screedblog is spot on as usual; no, not about SCOTUS, about other stuff. It's Lileks, go read.

All together now, sing along: Late, Tired, Gotta go to sleep

hillary wanted to be a Marine? My.Ass. Watch the blogosphere rip this one up by sunrise on Thursday.

And speaking of my hind-quarters: Paul Begala can kiss my ass. But you knew that.

Links later. I'm tired.

19 July 2005

Steyn on what's really important

all the kids are linking it

Mark Steyn shines the cold hard light of reality on the Rove-gate (PlameNameGame, whatever) issue. Brilliant.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh with my words to our President, but dammit! we on the Right are 'sposed to be the growd ups around here. Waffling is not very Jacksonian, and Jacksonianism (triple word score!!!) is exactly what we need. If ".....who-ever leaked the information will be fired....." then FIRE WHO-EVER LEAKED IT.

End this debate swiftly and decisively and get back to killing terrorists and lowering taxes. And protecting our borders. And fixing Social Security. And finding modern day incarnations of Thomas Jefferson for the SCOTUS seat(s).

There are so many other, better, more important battles to be fought.

Pigs shall not sleep in beds

with sheets

(My apologies to Mr. Orwell for the bad paraphrase)

OK, sorry. I didn't finish my thoughts on NPR being liberally biased. Call your ISP for a refund. I'll follow up soon; I'm sure National Peoples Radio will piss me off again before sundown Tuesday.

Pigs shall not sleep in beds.....with sheets. You've read Animal Farm, you know what I'm talking about.
Ahem. (This is going to be a little harsh)
Two years ago, you said that any member of your Administration found to be responsible for the Plame non-leak would be summarily dismissed.
Today, you said that any member of your Administration found to have committed a crime would be fired.
Pigs shall not sleep in beds.....with sheets.
Those of us who re-elected you as our President, did so based, in part, on your personal integrity. This is starting to sound like the talk of ".....no controlling legal authority....." and the definition of the word "is"; talk that so infuriated those of us on the right side of the spectrum.
There is an appearance of impropriety. The conversation should end here. During your first days in office, you admonished your staff to uphold the highest standards of legal, ethical, and moral behavior. Uphold those standards. Eliminate the appearance of impropriety; disarm your critics with positive actions congruent with your stated positions and beliefs.
Clean your house, Sir.
Besides, Darth Rove can do more good for the VRWC on the outside. Wise he is, this Darth Rove. Strong within him the Force is.

17 July 2005

Wait, Wait.....

I'll tell you.

I should have knowd. Really, I can't say I'm surprised, or that a bubble has been burst.

As our avid long time readers well know, I listen to a little National Peoples Radio from time to time. I was listening this morning and I made a discovery: NPR is far left! No, really! It's true!

So anyway, let me 'splain: earlier this week I was half-listening to NRP's "Dull Things Considered" and one of their reporter-ettes was going on about the economy and she mentioned (sneered at, actually) the Laffer Curve, and then goes on to attempt to smack down the ".....unproven theory of Supply Side Economics" (SupplySide.....where do I keep hearing that phrase......hmmmm. Curious).

"Unproven Theory"? Hello? Look.Around.You. Taxes were cut, and guess what? The economy is growing!

OK, now I'm pissed. Either my ISP is on the fritz, or the whole friggin' Internet is down. I'm trying to provide you people with links to interesting stuff (like the Laffer Curve) and everything is 404. "Cannot find server" my ass. Here's a flashlight. Use both hands.

Plus it's 1:00 AM. Holy Siht, Batman! I gotta sleep. Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this exciting episode, resplendant with linky goodness. Same Bat-time; same Bat-channel.

14 July 2005

Thursday Night

late it is and tired I be

Screedblog is good today, as every day. It's Lileks, after all.
Via the very rakish and cool VodkaPundit, an interesting tidbit on the whole space-time thingy that Einstein was on about. (I almost said "an interesting Tim-Bit" but not everyone is aware of Tim Horton's, the "Starbucks" of canadia)

Ace of Spades HQ sets up a righteous smack-down of Michigan's Administrative Assistant Governor Jennifer Granholm by Hubs & Spokes. I like it.
Speaking of Granholm; you do know that it's the donks who are pushing for those not born in Our Country to be President, don't you? Granholm is one of their rising stars; the whole "Arnold for President" is just a smoke screen.
Ann Coulter does Karl Rove. No, wait; that didn't sound right. Let's try this: Ann Coulter pops the top on a fresh six-pack of snark over the Rove / Wilson / Plame issue.
One more wake up this week, less than six hours from now. I gotta go.

13 July 2005

This week's outrage

".....tired of the speeches and the way that the reasons keep changing, just to make the words rhyme....."

(my apologies to Joe Walsh)

OK, sing along with the Ballad of Karl Rove:

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Karl
the lefties are a-screamin' to lock him in a barrel.....

Piss off. You try rhyming something with "Karl"

I'm going to go out on a limb here, stick with me, I think I can make this work

Karl Rove should be fired. Siht-canned. Made redundant. Given the boot. Sacked. Tossed.

No, no, come back! I have a good reason for this:

Currently, Darth Rove is an official member of the Administration and thus bound by certian ethical and legal rules. He is also blamed by the left for EVERYTHING that goes wrong on this planet and beyond. Really, go read Kos or the Democratic Underground and find out just how insidious this man really is. Tsunami? Karl Rove. Madrid bombings? Karl Rove. Price of gas? Karl Rove. Sandra Day O'Connor retiring? Karl Rove. Stuck in traffic? Karl Rove.

We members of the VRWC are wasting a valuable asset.

A man with such powers as Darth Rove should not be shackled with ethical and / or legal constraints. He should be drummed out immediately.

Once off the public payroll; he can truly unleash the Force that is obviously at his command. If the left thinks Darth Rove is fcukin' with them now, just wait until he's freed of his constraints and can weild his power.

We can set him up in Cheney's secret undisclosed location, then turn him loose.

Just a thought.


You thought I was joking about Darth Rove's powers? Heh. Read'em and weep.

09 July 2005

Random Thoughts for a Saturday Evening

I really need to win the lottery.....

I'll get back to SCOTUS-blogging next week; once we find out for sure if Chief Justice Renquist is retiring or not. For now, I'll add this to the mix: I want GWB to find the living enbodiment of Thomas Fcukin' Jefferson for the open seat(s) on the Supremes. A "consensus" nominee is right out. Find us justices for whom the Constitution is carved in stone, and for whom the concept of "international law" is not even up for discussion.

Again, I would be perfect for the job; but I'm not holding my breath.

Elsewhere; Hurricane Dennis is creating havoc in the Gulf. Last season, I put up a post about huricanes and their aftermath; it's all still true. Just substitute "Dennis" for "Charlie" and act accordingly.

This is funny. And sad. Ace via Cold Fury; James Bond meets political correctness.

It's late, though not as late as usual lately (what?) but I must go.

Courage (Resolve)

Thursday Evening into Friday Night

pissed off, I am; and you're not going to talk me out of it

so anyway; I got myself worked up into a righteous snit over the SCOTUS situation and our President saying we should "tone down the rhetoric" over the recent open seat.


Mr. President: Sir, we did not re-elect you to preside over a "kinder... gentler" debate on issues such as this. No, Sir; we will push the rhetoric to an all time high, because who sits with the Surpremes is fcuking important.

But I digress.

My righteous snit returned to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) with this morning's news of the bombings in London. Our best wishes go out to those directly affected; and the British people as a whole.

But, of course, we're all directly affected by this attack. The London-ers (London-ites? London-ese?) took the brunt of the blow, but the entire Western world was attacked today.

The perps and their ilk are lucky that I'm not in charge (yet). Were I in charge, our stockpile of munitions would have been vastly depleted by sundown.


It's now late on Friday night, and I'm still in a funk. Not quite a "nuke them all" funk, although I could be provoked into that position.

It is just shameful the way people are trying to make political hay out of the London attack. I'm waiting for the moonbat caucus of kennedy / schumer / feinstein / boxer / reid / durban / et al to opine that the London attack is just a puddings' worth of proof that GWB should nominate Oprah for the SCOTUS seat (thankfully) vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor.


Makes me glad that I will not be watching any of the "scream and shout" shows on TV this weekend. Or any TV. TV makes you stupid.

(Relax. I'm not becoming a zealot about the "no TV" thing. I remain the master of my domain; I still haven't watched any TV enter-news-ment since Election night. BTW: We won! You Lost! Get Over It.)

The usual suspects all have things to say on the topics of the day (See also: Blogroll) Ann Coulter sums up O'Connor's lasting skid-mark on American jurisprudence; Stephen Green looks at the London attack and the GWOT; the Wackos are positively replete with linky goodness on a variety of topics. Cold Fury was on about something, but I don't remember what and I'm too tired to go see.

Late again. More soon.

Courage (Resolve)

06 July 2005

A Follow Up

the "harrumphing" continues

".....Perhaps mankind really is supposed to be a slave, and that is how we are meant to live. Surely, if we cannot hold onto liberty once attained, then we it is merely the occasional backwards impulse only that obliges men to sometimes take up arms and struggle for freedom, only to have their children once again surrender it without a fight. Yes, maybe we are natural slaves, and it is high time for us to give up this charade of being made for freedom. But I shall not.....
.....So, while words and ideas are most needed, I shall use them. I will not be disarmed, I will not be enslaved, and I wil not fall silent. If this means my ultimate destruction, then so fucking be it. I want no part in a world where freedom cannot exist. So, while the darkness encroaches, I say carry on. Should this gathering darkness drown us, then so be it. There are worse fates than to be relegated to the history books as a lost follower of a debunked myth where every man is his own master, and there is no other....."
Right. What he said.
The time is rapidly approaching where you must decide if you're going to be a "happy idiot" or if you'll stand with us on the side of Freedom.
"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”—Samuel Adams
I suddenly have a very strong urge to go buy more ammunition and stock up on canned goods.
What are you going to do?

04 July 2005

4 July 2005

Every one of the usual suspects has a post up today and they all start the same way "I was going to post something about the Founding Fathers and the freedoms we enjoy....." Indeed, my plan was to do the same.

The Founding Fathers would absolutely puke if they saw the state of affairs in this great nation today. Not just the now-ingrained pork and largess; just look at the headlines of the past six weeks or so, can you imagine what Jefferson or Madison would say after reading day in and day out about the erosion of the precious freedom they fought so hard to achieve?
I could go on ad nauseaum, listing chapter and verse of the collapse of freedom; you know the words, feel free to sing along. (It may be one of the few freedoms you still have)
The really troubling thing is that 48% of the population sees all this going on and thinks it's just ducky. Think about it: roughly half the population thinks the Second Amendment means the National Guard (organized militia) and that so called assualt weapons should be banned. Half the people you know can rationalize the twisted logic of the Kelo decision and think it's OK. The person ahead of you in queue at the liquor store believes the Constitution should be amended to ban political speach. The guy in the next booth at the diner thinks that having a national ID card is a great idea.
It all just makes me ache.
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." Ronald W. Reagan
I fear having to describe what is was like to be free to my children. Not generations to come, somewhere down the line, but the next generation. Our children.
Our. Children.
Not. Free.
Chew on that for a bit. Chew on it hard.
Go read the words of a couple of good men; immigrants to our Country, men who have seen what we are becoming and are dismayed at the prospect. I dare say that these two know more about our Constitution and what it means than half of the recent college graduates with degrees in political science.
Misha picks up where Kim leaves off. Read them both.

03 July 2005

Sunday Evening Wind Down

I know, it's a lame title

I could go on and on about the SCOTUS situation and why Mr. Gonzales is not the proper nominee for the seat (can you say "Second Amendment"?) but I'll defer comment for a day or so. I still contend that I should be the next Supreme, but I'm not holding my breath. More later.
Mark Steyn is fookin' brilliant. He's an honorary American in my book. Samples include:
Do go read.
More later.

02 July 2005

I told you there'd be more

just not today

I'm sure the blogosphere is positively glowing with opinions on Sandra Day's retirement tonight, I wish I had the time to go read them all.

To the fray I'll add this: Justice O'Connor's dissent on the eminent domain ruling makes perfect sense now. At first, I was scratching my head going "WTF?" over her dissent on the Kelo case. "Sandra Day? Dissenting in favor of property rights? WTF?" You see what I mean.

My thoughts are that she wanted to go out remembered as a (nominally) right of center justice.

So anyway.....

There's loads of good stuff out there today on this and other topics. It's late, and I must sleep for tomorrow we're going to the zoo. A few links to keep you talking amongst yourselves until we can chat again (yeah, I know; a round up of the usual suspects):

Via Cold Fury, Austin Bay on Why the Long War Must Be Won

Victor Davis Hanson dispenses wisdom as per his usual (thank you to Kim du Toit for the link)

Walter Williams gives the "eminent domain" ruling proper smackage. Laura Ingraham had the linkage.

Hewitt had a link to Bill Kristol about five minutes after Sandra Day made my day.

And finally, Capt. Ed shines some light on the Saudis.

Late, tired; you know the drill

01 July 2005

Great News

this will light up the blogosphere for weeks to come

so anyway, I go into the breakroom for a steamin' cup-o-coffee and see on the omnipresent TV that Sandra Day O-Connor has retired.

Fox News has the early reports.

More on this later.

Let the games begin!!!!!