16 May 2006

I should have knowd

that the moonbats would be in full force

sigh. I find it increasingly difficult to maintain my usual levels of civility and decorum of late.

Case in point: my most liberal fellow worker bee returned my morning salutation with a 15 minute BDS-Tourette's Syndrome spewing about The President and last night's speech on immigration and border control.

Actually, that's not quite right. The first 83 seconds of his rant was on the immigration issue, then he set off for the top of Mt. Moonbat on the shores of Leftard lake. In the next 13 minutes 37 seconds, he hit all the bases going from immigration to the GWOT to Iran to how GWB was
manipulating the price of gas to make all his oil buddies rich to how GWB stole not one but two elections to stupid bible thumpers to tax cuts for the rich because of the Jooooooos and Mexican prez Fox controlling GWB to socialized medicine to the deficit to SCOTUS to abortion back to
stupid bible thumpers to GWB's T-ANG service to billy jeff blythe clinton being smart enough to get a jo blob......bejeezus christo, it was like a Leftard's Greatest Hits album being played at warp speed, replete with wild eyes, frayed hair, and flying spittle.

I stood and listened politely as I always do and waited for him to pause to catch his breath. When he finally stopped to inhale, I looked him squarely in the eye with the most sincere and earnest expression I could muster and said:

"I got new socks"*

Then I walked away. He's still talking, by the way. He hasn't stopped yammering on and on. The only thread of commonality in his diatribe is that it's all GWB's fault and the idiots who elected him. Three and a half hours now.

I find myself walking away a lot lately. I can no longer endure attempting conversation with BDS-deranged asshats. Debate is right out. It would be less frustrating to attempt to explain the Pythagorean Theorem to an autistic amoeba with a hearing problem.

More soon. Of course, it may be about quilting or organic celery farming or fly tying

*h/t to Coconut for the "new socks" line, from back in the day.....


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