02 May 2006

Tuesday Rubies

my apologies to the Stones

Shelby Steele has made quite a splash with his Opinion Journal post today. Jeff Goldstein glosses, extending the concept and making it more better.

Speaking of Opinion Journal, their weekend "Hot Topic" on the pump price of gas is spot on. Force feed a copy to a leftard today!

Jim of Smoke on the Water fame has regained his momentum. Did I mention how glad I am that he's posting again? Jim has two outstanding posts up related to the May Day nonsense, one quotes Theodore Roosevelt, the other George Orwell. Read them both, this material will be included on future exams.

Hitchens on Iran. Go read.

Sigh. I'm having leftard problems again. My most liberal fellow worker-bee is on again about how ".....King George is going to drag us in to another war for oil in Iran....." And you people wonder why I drink. Two days into the week and I've already had to listen to about twenty hours of liberal leftard moonbat bullsiht. It's a wonder I'm sane at all. More on his rantings later, I feel a Tourette's attack coming on, so I should give it a miss for now.

In keeping with the often neglected policy of "More sleep=better blogging", I should go sleep now. We'll have words again real soon.


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