30 June 2006

Friday Night Blight

negotiations with the post title writers union enter their umpteenth week

It's not exactly "writer's block", it's more of some serious constraints on time. Just in case you're wonderin'.

So anyway, via The Other Side of Kim, a report on the siht-bastards at the UN and their silly little gun ban conference. As I dashed off in an e-mail to friends this afternoon:

Those euro-trash arseholes at the UN had better internalize the fact in a righteous hurry that we are quite mother fcuking serious about our "...cold dead fingers" philosophy. Wankers.

btw: when is the next Live Fire Shoot Ex? I feel the need to sharpen my skills. And blow siht up. Mostly to blow siht up.
As usual, it's Friday and that can only mean two things: Goldstein's armadillo violating the terms of it's contract again (although Jeff is partially culpable this time) and Victor Davis Hanson.
See Also: Goldstein on the latest SCOTUS fiasco. Laser-like precision, the hallmark of protein Wisdom.
As an added bonus, my Brother-in-Blog e-mailed some lil'Debbie smackage. Good stuff, sound required. Dude, if you can e-mail, you can post. I'm just sayin', that's all. Just an observation.
Hey! Where did all the vodka go?


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