28 July 2006

Breathe, Breathe in The Air

don't be afraid to care

so anyway, there's a lot of topics that beg for blogging, but logging in to Blogger at 11:52 PM doesn't exactly lend itself to stellar blog-content. A couple of quick hits and you children are off to bed.

I haven't posted on the issue because I haven't had the time and I've just been incredulous at what is going on. I am not pleased that Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom fame is dousing the lamp until he reaches closure of the "frisch" issue. If you haven't been following the developments, here's the really, really short synopsis: some nutjob moonbat, an "intellectual" (go figure), made real and credible threats againgst Jeff and his two year old son. Goldstein is minimizing his outstanding blog whilst he pursues closure via the Justice System. Do go read Protein Wisdom, and follow the links. He did get off an "armadillo" post tonight, so all is not lost.

Elsewhere, Victor Davis Hanson is being, well.....Victor Davis Hanson. Good stuff, that.

OK, children; it's late and we have a Big Day tomorrow. Off to bed with you!


At 29 July, 2006 14:44, Blogger Cliff Brown said...

I found this site threw the ring of conservative sites. I like what I see. Keep it up.


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