27 February 2007

Tales from the Road

guess who's travelling?

so anyway, I am on the road this evening in the thriving environs of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Stoopid work. I've been playing the Lottery long enough to start demanding some freakin' payback.....this "working for a living" crap forms a seal and applies suction. But I digress.....

I had the opportunity to spend several hours with a Dennis Kucinich supporter this morning on the drive from Detroit (Rock City) to Benton Harbor, er, let me back up. His support for Kucinich is the most rational stance he took in our two+ hour conversation. He hit all the major memes: "Truther", Bush LIED!, no WMD (in his mind), "selected, not elected (twice)", Quagmire!, global warming no wait cooling no it's definitely warming. Global warming, that's the ticket. After he trotted out the corpse of Richard Nixon (about 27 minutes into the conversation) it got a little tiring.

At one point, I actually stopped the car to retrieve a copy of The Constitution of the United States of America from my bag in the trunk. (let me save you from asking: Yes, I carry a copy with me at all times. Don't you?). His response was [paraphrasing] "that document is no longer relevant" and went on to babble something about "international law".

And you people wonder why I drink. To excess. Frequently.

Jebeezus. I am ever the optimist, but I am seeing some very disturbing things out there that make me doubt the viability of the City on the Hill. You've got Murtha out there willing to knee-cap our troops in the field and leave them for dead; the MSM tells you that Brittany has shaved her head to get rid of lice. There's Pelosi trying to grant illegal aliens the right to vote; the MSM is wall-to-wall with the Anna Nicole Smith whack-a-mole game. I could go on and on, and you could, too.

Don't even get me started with An Inconsistant Truth winning some stupid fcuking award. Just you wait until algore gets the other stupid fcuking Nobel-award-thingy.

arrrgh. Late, tired. You do the math.

17 February 2007

New Blogger

so far, so good.....

so anyway, I finally had to make the switch to the new Blogger tonight. So far, so good. But it's still early. I'm 24 hours into our new DSL access, so I'm all a-twitter with the new-found speed.

Hopefully, the new, faster access to the intratube web will lend itself to more blogging from your humble host. Time will tell, I make no promises.

We'll have words again soon

01 February 2007

Better Hurry

it's almost too late

so anyway, do go over to the Blogroll and click through on the ProteinWisdom link and wish Jeff Goldstein a happy birthday. But hurry, 'cause it's 8:26 PM MST and the armadillo could show up at any moment. After the year that Jeff has had, things are going to get weird once the 'dillo starts pouring tequila shots......

more soon