20 July 2007

Friday Haiku Challenge

just kidding....but if you're in the mood, have at it

so anyway, where to start?

There was an anniversary this week, as Q and O reminds us. On 18 July 1969, SpongeTed SquareLiver tried to enter his Oldsmobile in a submarine race and 28 year old MaryJo Kopechne lost her life. Her sacrifice was not in vain, because it kept that particular Kennedy out of the White House.....

Mike of Cold Fury fame is thinking about General Patton and links to the famous speech, courtesy of The Patton Society. Good stuff, that. Can you imagine Patton being questioned by the current bunch of spineless weasels (I'm being kind today) in Washington today. I'd pony up pay-per-view cash to watch.

Speaking of the assorted siht-stains that occupy the hallowed halls of Congress: both the House and the Senate have killed the "John Doe Protection" legislation. Jeff Goldstein has details and commentary, with links to Michelle Malkins excellent coverage of the shame full debate.

Not familiar with the "John Doe" law? Remember the "Flying Imans" episode from last fall where six imans were denied boarding a flight from MSP because other passengers complained that the imans were acting strangely. CAIR is suing the complaining passengers for "violating" the imans' "right" to act like psychotic islamofascists. The "John Doe" legislation was to provide protection from civil suit to anyone who reports suspicious (ie: terrorist) behavior.

On the topic of "political correctness" Q and O has a fine example of what those kind, gentle environmental types do if you happen to drive something that they don't approve of.

Elsewhere: Goldstein has some fun with Michael Vick's problem, and Ragin' Dave re-posts the meat of an outstanding Kim duToit entry. (Note: you probably cannot get to Kim's excellent blog whilst at work; he's a 2nd Amendment crusader and most companies' net-nannys will block his site because he often writes about G.U.N.S.) Do go read the post at Four Right Wing Wackos, it's one of the finer examples of our tax dollars at work.


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