27 July 2007

Friday Musings

what a week

so anyway, it's been quite a week. A few random links to get you through the afternoon:

Just for giggles, Ragin' Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos has been playing with the wayback machine and dug up this gem. I'm surprised CNN has left this up, I figured they'd have flushed this kind of thing down the memory hole long ago.

Dave also puts the current crop of politicians (of all stripes) on the tee and whacks 'em good. Pretty much sums up my opinions of the "governing class" as well.

Ragin' Dave? If you're ever in Detroit (Rock City) I'll buy you not one, but two forty ounce quarts of your favorite beer and all the WhiteCastles you can eat.

Mark Steyn has the after action report on algore's Live Earth concerts earlier this month:

So the Evil Queen and the seven dwarfs had a "debate"? I must have been busy that night. All the blog thingies are talking about it. McQ over at Q and O breaks it down:

Ouch. That'll leave a mark....

Ace has a link to some footage that didn't quite make it into the broadcast. Too bad your employer's net nanny blocks YouTube.....

Speaking of YouTube: Steve Green, the VodkaPundit submitted a series of questions for the dem candidates, I don't understand why CNN didn't use his questions. Scroll down to the post entitled VodkaPundit - Citizen Journalist and then work up the page. That's some good funny.


At 11 August, 2007 21:49, Blogger Ragin' Dave said...

If I ever make it to Detroit, I'll take you up on it!


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