16 July 2007

Monday Update

it's been Monday all day

so anyway, back to the salt mine for another fun filled week of excitement. A few links to get you through lunch, or that two hour conference call that you have this afternoon....

Ed Morrissey links to an interesting article comparing and contrasting how New York and Los Angeles address the prevention of terrorism. Ed's comments can be found here.

McQ of Q and O fame breaks down a report on global tax rates and their effect on the global economy. He also has a post up dissecting Diane Sawyer's interview of John "Silky Pony" Edwards. Just imagine Diane Sawyer talking to John "Silky Pony" Edwards. Now there's a combination that can produce some weapons grade stupid.

And our old friend Steve H. Graham at Hog on Ice stops talking about his vegetable garden long enough to point out the lunacy of the enviro-nuts. If you have no time for garden talk, skip down to the phrase "GLOBAL WARMING HURRICANE" and roll from there. A taste:

Here is a disturbing, if irrelevant, bit of envirolunacy. Did you know the cost of food is going up because of ethanol? It's true. Ethanol does not work and will never work, because it's a temperamental fuel and we will never be able to grow enough of it to feed a significant portion of our engines and power plants. That's a simple fact, proven long ago. Even if the technical problems with alcohol were solved, we just don't have enough acreage to generate it. But corn is politically cute, so we're paying people to grow corn for fuel. As a result, corn for human and animal consumption is getting scarce and pricey. Cows eat corn, so now milk is going to be expensive. Nice work, earth-crunchies. Thanks to your insane desire to promote a worthless fuel with no potential, people are going to have a harder time feeding their families. Even beer is getting expensive. Apparently corn is displacing barley. That's just sick.

We'll have words again soon


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