15 July 2007

WeekEnd UpDate

so anyway, all the preparations have been made for Sunday's twin-brokered cook-out party thingy (it's a long story). Except for the siht that has to be done at the last minute. It's just fcuking wrong to set the alarm clock for 6:45 AM on a Sunday, but I digress...

Ace is up to his usual stuff with a couple of posts.

First up, I wonder what he was searching for when he found this. Searching for Starbuck's secret recipe, perhaps?

Second, he has a link to the inner workings of a Taliban training camp. (As an aside, here's a vid of a graduate of a training camp. I have a sudden urge to start singing show tunes)

Damn, if that's what the Taliban has to offer, I'll take them on with just the siht I have laying around within arms reach. I mean, I move with all the style and grace of a grand piano falling down a flight of stairs, only I move at glacial speeds. He's "Taliban" so he probably has the real deal Kalishnikov hardware, but I'd take this guy on with just my SKS and my Norinco Tokorev 9mm (a Chinese copy of a Soviet design, like that doesn't just scream quality).

Of course, I reserve the right to bring my three friends: Ruger, Sturm, and Company; I can give you a magnum of 357 reasons why I don't leave home without it.

Ed Morrissey is in a snarky mood today as he blogs on the latest OBL video. In Maybe He's Only Mostly Dead, Ed uses the phrase "thermal equilibrium" to describe al-Zarqawi; considering Capt. Ed's reserved nature, it is snarky, indeed. I like it.

Finally, Jon over at the superlative Q and O links to Peggy Noonan's recent post, American Grit. Do go read, soonest.



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