02 August 2007

All the news

that I have time for right now

so anyway, when you start off the day reading something like this, you soon realize that a double whopper (with cheese) is required for lunch:

Kinda make you wonder what Steve "VodkaPundit" Green was searching for in the first place, but I digress....he also offers up a salient observation about Barack Hussien Obama's recent "tough-guy" talk about invading Pakistan.

McQ at Q and O weighs in on Obama's invasion plans. Capt. Ed Morrissey breaks it down as well.

Equal opportunity offender Christopher Hitchens turns his formidable militant atheism on the "religion of peace". He makes some good points in his article on Slate: burn the Flag, it's protected political speech; use a Bible as an ashtray, no big deal; but put a koran in the toilet? Now that's a "hate crime" and you will be punished. It's a crazy world.

Also at Slate, an interesting piece about life in space without a spacesuit.

Ace has some commentary on the thinly-veiled threats being offered up on some jihadist's website.

I'm sure you've heard about the horrific bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Captain's Quarters has ongoing coverage, complete with video of the actual collapse. James Lileks is covering for the StarTribune over at Buzz.


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