11 September 2007

11 September 2007

Six Years on....

so anyway, I honestly don't even know where to start. It's been a weird day today, the normal routine broken up into disjointed bits by the demands of my stoopid job.

I spent the day in Dearborn, Michigan today, just 3 miles from where I was on That.Day. A lifetime ago, it seems. And I headed home early, although not as early as I did on That.Day. Still....

Despite my screwed up day, I've been reading the posts of those who's writings I have come to admire over the past oh, let's say six years or so. (Insert you own "See Also: Blogroll" joke here). Rather than trying to make some salient observation about each, I'll just post the links. I'm not in a mood to wax poetic.

James Lileks has his thoughts split between The.Bleat. and Buzz.MN.

Q and O links to the video that I've been avoiding watching. Sure, I've had my crying jags every year since, but I want to break down of my own accord.
Ace of Spades HQ (to whom I owe thanks for my love of discount vodka) is spot on.
Kim duToit. Cold Fury. Emperor Misha I. Scroll and read. Like I said: See Also: Blogroll.
There are countless others out there. Seek them out, do go read. Leave a comment.


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