19 January 2008

Friday Night

on a Saturday...my calendar is all funked up

so anyway, those of you fortunate enough to endure me in real life will know that I've been preaching this for weeks now. It goes like this: Isn't it curious that the MSM is so gung-ho for Huckabee, who is the Stereotypical Characture of a "Republican"?

Fortunately, McQ of Q and O fame has done the leg-work to prove the point. To quote:

Please read the whole thing, it's well worth the effort.
As a recovering Southern Baptist, Ive always viewed Huckabee with suspicion. I know the type. Been there, done that.
When asked, my response is this: "I've had quite my fill of liberal ex-governors from Arkansas; Thank You, No".
Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green is ready to stick a fork in Fred Thompson. I'll take it under advisement: I respect Mr.Green's judgement, but hope holds eternal, right?
There's more to this though, but it's late. We'll have words again soon.


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