14 January 2008

Monday Night Linkage

this will piss "Anonymous" off. Whatever....

so anyway, the Stoopid Business is back to full swing, so I only have time for a few quick links tonight.

Ragin' Dave has his mojo in fine order with his "Why the GOP loses" post. In making his point, he re-posts my Christmas list:
Righteous, Brother.
Elsewhere, McQ of Q and O fame sums up Senator Clinton's appearance on Russert's Sunday shouting talking head show. A teaser: she lost. But you already knew that.
In other news, supposedly unbeknownst to me TheMissus™ has signed herself up as a "Friend of Hil" or whatever Senator Clinton calls her posse. Hilarity (no pun intended; well, maybe just a little) will be forthcoming, I'm sure.


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