20 January 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

did I mention the Blog Post Title Writer's strike continues?

so anyway, it got late early again, so my time is short. Fortunately, I have tomorrow off from the Stoopid Business, but The Children™ will be up at Zero Dark Thirty and my services will be required.

Where to start? Joe over at Cold Fury is keeping hope alive for Teh Fred! I want to believe, I really do. It's not over until you stop trying, right? The short take on Joe's post:
Looks like I'll be stockpiling ammo and canned goods.....I mean more than usual.
Via Ragin' Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame come a link to the American Thinker post on the (most dreaded) Clintons.
As always, read the whole thing(s).
There's always more, but, alas, it's late and I must go. We'll have words again soon.


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