22 June 2008

Some days, the posts just write themselves

today is not that day

so anyway, I've been looking through the stuff that I wanted to blog about over the past week, and realized that there's just no friggin' way I can have a full time job, a full time wife, three full time kids, a full time house / grounds, and a three quarters' time dog and still expect to blog regularly. My "stack of stuff" would take about sixty hours to blog properly, replete with insight and commentary.

So I'll throw the cream out there, without insight, and with little comment. Yeah, it's a "link only" post; you can collect your refund at the door. Where to start?.....

Mike of Cold Fury links to Fred! Thompson's post over at Hot Air. I really miss Fred! Thompson.

Rachel Lucas rants large on the "Gloucester 17" and Ace follows up. It is so good to link to Rachel Lucas again.

Cold Fury goes long on Senator Obama's "Cowboy Diplomacy Alienates US Allies". To excerpt Mike's money quote:

“Dropping a unanimous Security Council condition would simply be interpreted by Iran and America’s allies as unconditional surrender, and America’s friends would view this as confirmation of America’s basic unreliability,” said François Heisbourg, a Paris-based military analyst with the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “A hell of a way to start a presidential term.”
Ace riffs on the same vibe

Production Note: It is not possible to blog while eating Cheetos and not have your keyboard (or your pajamas) turn a weird shade of orange.

Other stuff that's out there from the past week:

I've added the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" link to the sidebar, please do go support.

The Stoopid Business™ resumes operations in exactly eight hours. I must go now. thatisall.


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