08 June 2008

Speaking of Technology

I may never sleep again

so anyway, there has been a Bill Whittle sighting. He's "bill-boarding" things to come, and just generally catching up.

In reading Whittle's post, I discovered the E!3 Gazette, where like-minded fans of Eject!Eject!Eject! meet to discuss things going on. Here's where my troubles start, and "technology" comes in.

The E!3 Gazette crew is posting links to James Burke's Connections series of television programs. Connections has long been a favorite of mine, and to see it again is an opportunity that I just can not miss.

It's like crack for the brain; you take that first hit, and the next thing you know you're queueing up episode 3 of the first series at 11:14 PM, knowing full well that you have a Stoopid Business™ meeting at 7:00 AM.

I may never sleep again. There's so much good stuff out there.



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