25 June 2008

Supply Side Politics: Four Years On

Happy Blog Day!

so anyway, four years ago today, around four in the afternoon, Greg called me from his Stoopid Business™ cube and said "Let's do it.....what do you want to call our blog?"

Four.Years. A lot of water under the bridge. Greg moved on from blogging some time ago, the burdens of daily life as a working family man precluded his continuing the blogging hobby. Blogging is a huge "time-suck", and I completely understand his situation.

But I didn't access the Blogger interface tonight to post some biographical rambling. Blogger does not have the bandwidth to accommodate such a post. Instead, I post tonight to say "Thank You" to everyone who's been along for the ride.

The people I've "met" (metaphorically speaking, you know how the inter-web net-tube thingies are), the things that I have discovered / learned, have enriched my life to no end. I can only hope that over the past four years I've added some value to the lives of others.

I really love this blogging hobby. I love having my very own soap-box to stand on, out on the fringe of the blogosphere town square; and I thank you for reading and commenting and occasionally re-affirming my positions or calling "BullSiht" on my ramblings; thank you.

I wish time would permit me to add the eleventy links supporting what went before, but it's gotten late early again. The assembled multitudes chant "Four More Years", I'm happy to oblige.

Thank you for reading Supply Side Politics 2.0.

Thank you all. So very much.


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