30 September 2008

Tuesday 30SEP08

34 days to go.....

so anyway, yesterday I mentioned searching on "truth squad"+Missouri+Obama. In case you're behind in your reading (which is understandable, with the current financial siht-storm), Senator Obama's campaign is having law enforcement officials harass anyone who would say unpleasant things about the (very) junior Senator from Illinois.
Cold Fury (actual) fame chimes in:
James Simpson over at American Thinker does a good job of linking the current mess and just exactly who Barack Obama is. Do go read all of "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis":
Ace quotes Tom Coburn on the bailout:
John Fund in the Wall Street Journal:
He goes on to de-construct various aspects of "hippie logic" (oxymoron alert: "hippie logic" makes as much sense as "jumbo shrimp" or "40 ounce quart"). It's all good.

more soon


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