08 October 2008


26 days to go.....
so anyway, due to work and household duties, I missed most of the debate last night. I caught the last fifteen or twenty minutes and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. The debate reacts I've seen so far have been predictable: each side says their man won.
I think McCain missed a golden opportunity right at the end on quite possibly the stupidest question of the night:
He should have used Fred! Thompson's line from the convention: "Just exactly who is Barack Obama and can he be trusted with the Presidency?"
The link tracks back to Gabriel Malor's excellent debate summary over at Ace of Spades HQ.
McQ at Q and O has some thoughts, as well:
Elsewhere, the gloom continues:
I am particularly concerned about bad policies because significantly higher taxes have been proposed by Barack Obama. His plan would raise the marginal tax rate on the most productive workers more than 10 percentage points -- an increase that would bring us near Western European levels. His plan would also raise capital income taxes, taxing capital gains and dividends at 20%, compared to a 15% rate under Sen. John McCain's plan. A five percentage-point difference might strike you as small, but it is not. I have calculated that a five percentage-point difference in overall capital income taxation over the long haul is equal to a difference in the nation's capital stock of about 18%. This means a 6% difference in GDP and a 6% difference in the average wage rate. This means that real GDP and the average wage would fall, gradually but persistently declining about 6% after 25 years. That's not quite a Great Depression, but a significant step towards one.
In today's Sarah Palin news: The e-mail hacker has been indicted:
I had to add the party affiliation, ABC news forgot to include it.
Camile Paglia slaps the "Palin-bashers" around:
In movie news: it looks like there is an effort afoot to tank the box office numbers for "An American Carol". Theaters are omitting the title from their marquees, listing it as "Rated R" (it's PG-13), or selling you a ticket to another movie to suppress "An American Carol's" box office take.
Unrelated, but just too good of a line to leave on the cutting room floor:
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