03 October 2008

Friday 03OCT08

31 days to go....
so anyway, apparently I was watching a different debate last night, 'cause all the Liberal Main Stream Media (redundancy alert) are saying that Senator Biden won. I'll have an order of "Oh, Really? with a side of "WTF?"
They're shaping the narrative, people. Kill your television. Go "New Media".
Old, but related:
Read the whole thing. It's staggering.
Following up on yesterday's info on the FEC looking into Senator Obama's campaign finances, Newsmax has a "must read" article posted:
Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green's opinion on the debate:
Reader "Corporate Boy" puts us some knowledge with the link to the bail out bill. My advice to you, Flounder, is to start drinking heavily.
Unrelated, but a good line:
Speaking of crazy, it looks like John "Maverick" McCain has dipped in to his stash of weapons-grade stupid and has conceded Michigan to the Forces of Evil.
I hope Senator McCain has a really, really good "October Surprise" in his back pocket. Otherwise, come 05NOV08, all my disposable income is going towards canned goods and ammunition and bottled water and ammunition. The "if you want bullets, you'll just have to wait" girl at the Belleville Walmart danm well better have the key to the ammo locker when she sees me standing at the sporting goods counter. Just sayin', that's all.
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