03 October 2008

Special Edition: Debate React

like I've said before...this woman knows how to fillet a fish*

so anyway, the VP debate has just ended. Credit where it's due: (slow) Joe Biden's head didn't explode. Although there were times when I thought it would.

I gotta admit: I had mixed (bad) feelings going into tonight's debate, from listening to the nay-sayers and MSM watchers. Siht like "Palin's in 'Debate Camp'", "deer in the headlights", the Gibson / Couric hatchet jobs interviews. The list goes on and on.

[All the while slow Joe Biden was practicing debating with Michigan Governor Jennifer f'n Grandholm (D-Canadian) . Hey Jenny? Our State is in the economic toilet, are you sure you have time for this?]

I lost count: did Governor Sarah Palin say "O'Biden" three times, or was it four? I about pissed myself after the first one. Strong and positive, looking right down the lens at the American People (contrasted against Senator Biden addressing all of his responses to Gwen Ifill), Sarahacuda ripped it up. If she wasn't staring dead on into the camera, she was looking at Senator Biden, who was looking at his shoes, mumbling something.

I believe the proper descriptive term is "schooled" or "owned" or whatever the kids are saying these days. I just wish those danm kids would stay off my lawn. In my day, the term "bitch slap" was popular, but what do I know....

By the time you read this, the MSM will have spun it as a Biden win. Wankers. The only metric that Biden wins on is that he did not cry. Almost crying does not count, according to them.

I watched it. You watched it. Tell me again who won this debate?


* just because only those of you within a red Swingline Stapler's throw of my cube have ever heard me say that; doesn't mean it's not true


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