02 October 2008

Thursday 02OCT08

32 days to go.....
so anyway, time is short today, so let's get right to it:
Cold Fury brings us this gem (that he found at InstaPundit):
Splendid. Just f'n chipper. Wankers
And it gets even better:
Couple that to the exchange between Senator Obama and a supporter at a campaign stop:
No Siht? Really?
It looks like Fox News has picked up the story. There's reports that the leftards are bussing people in from Illinois to vote. Watch Ohio; no Republican has ever been elected President without carrying Ohio.
You can take a small degree of comfort in this:
Or not....
Remember, the Palin / Biden debate is this evening. Ace has been "live-blogging" the debates, so have your 'puter with you as you watch.
more soon


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