01 October 2008

Wednesday 01OCT08

33 days to go.....

so anyway, I've got tons of stuff queued up for you, but the "work-life / home-life" dynamic is seriously harshing my mellow this week. Sorry about that. Time is short for this endeavor.....

Fortunately for me, the time-challenged, a reader forwarded an e-mail from a family member (it's a long story) that was chock full of goodness. The excerpt follows:

Here is how long it takes for an economic policy to impact. Clinton and the Dem's changed the banking laws in 1993 to require banks to issue mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them - enforced by Janet Reno. Democrats Frank Raines, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd and Jim Johnson run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and by the way these are the yahoos who are Obama's economic advisors -yet Obama talks about McCain advisors and money from special interests). They fraudulently report the results, ignore the rules and oversite that is provided. They receive about $200,000,000 in pay and bonuses and give $500,000 in political contributions to Dodd ($165,000), Obama ($126,000) and other Dems. I haven't seen Obama offering to give anything back to the bakrupt agency although his multimillion campaign commercials are still at large.....

Once government institutes such economically destructive laws in perpetutity, the destructive snowballing begins. Of course, given the 15 second average attention span of most voters, Democrats such as Pelosi and Frank are safe in their dishonest double speak and outright deceptions. The media will certainly never hold their feet to the fire.....

And what do you hear on the news from Nancy Pelosi? "This economic crisis is the result of George Bush's economics over the last eight years." Even though these entities were run by Democrats. Even though Bush and the Republicans repeatedly asked for reform and were blocked by the Democrats over the "last eight years". In 2005 Barney Frank said that both institutions were financially sound.

I find it interesting that the vote which failed by 12 votes had 95 no votes from Democrats including 12 from Barney Frank's own comittee ....hmmm sounds funny eh. The Democrats molded their vote so that - if the bail out passed it would be passed by votes cast by Republicans and the Republicans could be blamed for the legislation - if it failed it was the Republicans fault as they are not concerned about the everyman and they only voted no because Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings. So now the media reports that the reason the bill failed was because of the Republicans and we are in a financial crisis because of "Bush Economics".

I personally am glad the bill failed. I really don't wan't a bailout but a low interest loan with reform. I really don't want to give the same people who ran the institutions bankrupt $70 [sic] billion of my money without any changes.

The whole point of this is - policies take a while to have an effect on an economy as large as ours. Yes we had good economic years while Clinton was in office, resulting from the largest tax breaks brought in years earlier by Reagan.

(Embolding mine)

Good siht, that. He effectively quotes an IBD atricle from 18SEP08, which you should go read right now. It's OK, I'll wait.

Got it? Good. Print it out, wrap around a Wiffle Bat, secure it with tape, and then go beat a liberal about the face and neck with the aforementioned assembly. Or not. Your actual mileage may vary.



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