23 August 2009

Town Hall smack-down

I wish my "representative" had the stones to actually face his constituents

so anyway, over at Ace's place, Krakatoa has posted the must-see, feel-good video of the week:

I had planned on attending a town hall on the BOHICA debate, but my so-called "representative" Mark Schauer (D-MI-07) is very busy hiding under Nancy Pelosi's desk and can't be bothered with such things. As in, announcing his "conference call town hall" ex post facto, and then assuring everyone that it was a smashing success.

I have to congradulate Rep. Baird: at least he had the balls to actually face his constituents.

more soon

21 August 2009

She's done it, again

I like it

so anyway, S.Weasel has outdone herself, once again.

Do go read S.Weasel's post for the full effect.


20 August 2009

Does this mean I'm exempt from taxes?

'cause I sure as Hell don't have any "representation"

so anyway, I've been checking the website of my so-called US "Representative" every couple of days for the past few weeks to see when he was going to have a "town hall" meeting on the BOHICA (Barack Obama's Health Insurance Coverage Act, for the uninitiated) debate. The way I figured it, as a victim of the Obama economy (as in, unemployed since May) I would go down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse.

I've been checking the official website of so-called "Representative" Mark Schauer (D-MI-07) regularly since the Congressional recess started, to see when he was holding his town hall meeting. Imagine my surprise when I checked his site yesterday and saw this headline:

Schauer to host telephone town hall tomorrow to discuss health care reform
Color me stunned. I checked the browsing history on both computers here at Casa de Miguel, and I had indeed checked Schauer's schedule three times the week of 01-07 AUG 09, twice the week of 08-14 AUG 09, and on Sunday 16AUG and Tuesday 18AUG.

Wanker. Spineless, snivelling wanker.

I wonder what Mr.Schauer has considered for employment after the third Tuesday of January 2011, because he's not going to be a congressman after that date.

Hell, maybe I'll run for his seat. Can you run for congress using an assumed name?

thatisall. more soon

05 August 2009

Beyond Viral

can we do this? Yes, We Can!

so anyway, by now I'm sure everyone has seen this:

This little gem has been making it's was through the blogosphere for almost a week now, it has indeed "gone viral" on the inter-tube web-net thingie. But we can do so much more.....

Nearly every right-of-center blog that I frequent has had this pic or some variation thereof posted, and that's great. We're getting the word out.....to those who pay attention to the blogosphere....and practically no one else.

We all know people in real life who are "plugged in" to the political and social upheaval going on in our Country, but who wouldn't think of reading blogs, evah! We need to take the viral action to the streets.

I propose a simple plan: let's take it to the streets. Get this image out there, where everyone can be exposed to it, not just the bloggers and their readers.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download a copy of the poster. It shouldn't be too difficult to find one that suits you, you're welcome to lift it from Supply Side Politics (I shamelessly lifted it from Moxie, she has a link to Doc Weasel's excellent .pdf of the image.
  2. Print it off, and go find a color copier (one that you can use discreetly) and make as many copies as you feel you need / can afford.
  3. Put the picture up anywhere it will be seen by a lot of people.
  4. Repeat as often as necessary
A couple of words of caution: do not post this on any traffic signs or utility poles, as doing so is illegal in most jurisdictions. Private property (other than your own) is right out as well.

If possible, use a DIY color copier to avoid having the clerk freak right out; although, it would be all kinds of big fun to walk into the Kinkos here in The People's Republic of AnnArbor (AKA Moscow on the Huron) and drop this on the counter and ask for one hundred copies on card stock. Good times.....but I digress.

We can do this.

More soon.