29 December 2009

Hey? Can't I just finish my waffles?

"Extraordinary year" makes The President "tired"

so anyway, I was half way through my first cup of coffee this morning when I tripped over this little gem:

CAPITAL CULTURE: Big first year leaves Obama tired

I siht you not. It's from some outfit called "AP", whoever that is. I've never heard of them. A few snippets of this vapid excuse of reporting:
".....President Barack Obama made a not altogether surprising admission. He was tired.

Who could blame him? The president was on his ninth foreign trip to his 21st country; (after trips to all 57 states during the campaign - ed.) he added a 10th trip the following week. The year had been bookended by the two most intense periods of his young presidency — the early decisions to bail out the nation's banks and automobile industry (personal note: his "bail-out" of the auto industry has left me unemployed for over seven months - ed.), steps the president deemed unpopular but necessary, and his December orders to deploy 30,000 additional U.S. troops to fight the war ("of necessity, not a war of choice" per The President's own words) in Afghanistan....."

Difficult decisions, to be sure. If he had only read the job description for the position to which he applied, he should have knowd.

"Throw in an unemployment rate in the double-digits, a health care bill still stuck on Capitol Hill, and last-minute negotiations on a global climate change agreement....."

By "last-minute negotiations on a global climate change agreement" the writer must mean "having all the data proven to be falsified and the purveyors of the falsified data loosing their jobs and facing criminal charges". It's a subtle point.
".....the president is tired, and looking forward to recharging during his year-end family vacation in Hawaii.

Not that the commander in chief really thinks he can escape his duties, even on an island. Amid golf, tennis, gym workouts and dinner, Obama has been called on to monitor the airliner attack in Detroit last Friday ("Chief? I know you hung the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door-knob, but this is kinda important, and it's, like, you know, your JOB." - ed.) and what appeared to be another attack on Sunday — that incident turned out to be a false alarm. On Monday, Obama worked out in the morning and played tennis before making his first public remarks on airline security, then hit the golf course (again - ed.)."

Read the whole thing, it goes on for another eleven similarly "self-fisking" paragraphs.

A lot of people are "tired". Most people do not have recreational opportunities on the scale that The President enjoys. Sound to me like "Barry from DC" needs to man up.


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