30 January 2010

Back-yard News

happy thoughts.....

so anyway, via the headlines from Yahoo News, riffing on the Detroit News, comes this item:

FBI shootout with Muslim cleric lasted about 4 seconds

Detroit -- The hail of gunfire that killed a Muslim cleric inside a Dearborn warehouse in October lasted only about four seconds, a person familiar with the investigation said Saturday.

More than 20 FBI agents were at the FBI-controlled warehouse near Michigan Avenue and Oakwood where Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah and his confederates were about to be arrested as part of an FBI sting operation Oct. 28.

The FBI has accused Abdullah, 53, of being the leader of a radical Muslim separatist group involved in fencing stolen goods.

Abdullah fired three shots before four of the FBI agents returned fire, resulting in Abdullah being struck more than a dozen times.
"....more than a dozen" I'm guessing thirteen, maybe fourteen times.
Each of the four agents fired an average of five shots each, the source said. An FBI dog was killed in the shootout.
The fact that a dog was killed in the action harshes my mellow extremely. Otherwise, five shots each from four Special Agents (for a total of twenty) in four seconds with 60%+ of said rounds on target. OutStanding! I can put all six .357 rounds (mostly) in the 9-ring with my Ruger Speed Six in five seconds, but then again, no one is shooting back at me.
Autopsy results are expected to be released Monday, Dearborn police said. The autopsy was completed in December, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office, but held until Dearborn police could finish their investigation.

Muslim leaders have questioned how many times Abdullah was shot (more than a dozen, per the Detroit News - ed), whether he suffered dog bites (probably not - ed) and if he was handcuffed after being shot (if he was still alive at the time, yes - ed) Those questions may be cleared up with the release of the autopsy.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (I just knew that those CAIR ashsoles would eventually show up in this story) on Saturday reiterated a previous request for the U.S. Department of Justice to look into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Among the questions CAIR wants answered are whether FBI agents summoned medical help if Abdullah was still alive when agents found him, exactly how many times he was shot and where bullets struck his body.

doG forbid that any of the FBI's poodle-shooter rounds ended up anywhere near Abdullah's pee-pee.....otherwise CAIR would get even more wee-wee'd up:
"We want the civil rights division of the Justice Department to launch an investigation into this," Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR's Michigan office, said Saturday. "It has to be further investigated."
Of course you do and of course it does, Precious.


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