19 January 2010

Scott Brown, R-MA

I like the way that sounds.....

so anyway, I've been watching the special election in Massachusetts off and on all day, mostly via Ace and R.S.McCain, with a smattering of Memeorandum.

I had a "here we go" minute this morning when I saw this in one of Ace's comment threads:

As it turns out, it was just some isolated ding-bat, not a concerted movement.

TheOtherMcCain was accentuating the positive this morning:

".....where turnout in Ward 6 is “better than usual,” according to official Judith Miller. Precinct warden Joe Marabello said “a lot of people that haven’t voted in a while” are turning out today,” a result he called “very exciting.” His fellow warden Tom Sicard said “turnout’s going to be great today . . . it’s been steady.”
I was AFK for a couple of hours this afternoon, and when I popped back on to the inter-web net tube thingie (briefly) around 7:30 this evening, I was pleasantly surprised (well, actually not surprised) to see that (now) Senator-Elect Scott Brown, R-MA was comfortably ahead, well beyond the margin of error. When I sat back down for the blogging hour at 9-ish PM, it was a done deal.

I've been reading the blogosphere's reactions to the Senator-Elect Scott Brown, R-MA situation for the past two hours, and one of the little voices in my head keeps saying "Why not here? Why not in Michigan?"

Why not, indeed.

more soon


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