26 January 2010

Today in History

Michigan GOP, please answer your phone

so anyway, my daily check of U.S Constitution Online brings us this fact:

Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837.
I did not know that. I'm from Texas, after all. I just happen to reside in Michigan for the time being. Taking interest in matters locally political, I offer the (lame-ish) attempt of Michigan's GOP:

I say "lame-ish" because if anything deserved a "flaming skull", it was Jenny "Canadian" Grandholm's "blown away" speech. Did you see any flaming skulls? Me neither.

At least the former head of the Michigan GOP had the decency to seek a restraining order against me. My offer to Saul A. still stands for Ron W.: for six-figures and all the pudding I can...(ahem) use... I can "turbo" the MI-GOP's web content.

My contractual needs has several other "riders" that we'll discuss later. And, no; it has nothing to do with brown M&M's.

more soon


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