06 January 2010

...you just might be a RINO

S.Weasel goes all "Foxworthy" on us.....

so anyway, the aforementioned S.Weasel strikes up a meme that hits the spot. A snippet:

If you think Sarah Palin is — come on now, honestly — just a bit de trop you might be a RINO.
The introductory (exit / money) quote:
Fcuk it. Civility is for afternoon tea with the Queen. Politics is a blood sport.
Read the whole thing. There's lots of good stuff waiting for you. Just keep scrolling down.....

Remember, kids: It's all about adding value to the lives of others. Which is what Stoat Weasel does every weekday.....

more soon

[The astute moron will note that I've included the link to dictionary.reference.com for what "de trop" means. It's what I do. I'm a "giver".]


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