20 February 2010

a little shop talk

is necessary, now and then.....

so anyway, with great sadness, today I had to move Shire Network News to the "Missing in Action" column on the sidebar. To quote Judge Elihu Smails "Didn't want to do it, I felt I owed it to them."

Shire Network News has been my most favorite podcast for over three years now. SNN's podcast was simply the best way to spend 45-ish minutes every other week. But their normal operating tempo of "once a fortnight" went poof; there's been no podcast since 19DEC09.

Sigh. I really do not like "change". I have also been around these inter-tubes web-thingies long enough to know not to bitch about free ice cream, or the lack thereof.

I hope all of the SNN crew are happy and thriving. I just really miss having them tell me about it every other week. Can I Haz More Please?

more soon


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