12 March 2010


no, I am not dead

so anyway, I've been doing a little "housekeeping" here at Supply Side Politics 2.0. Nothing major, just "brightening up" the side-bar a bit.

I've been unavoidably detained since posting last. I started back to school the week of 22FEB10 and it's kicking my ass. It's a long-ish story for another time.

I've had some blogable ideas since we spoke last, but haven't had the time to address them properly. Some of the blogable ideas follow:

  • Impeach Obama: yes, you can actually purchase a "Impeach Obama" bumper sticker. My question is "Why?" Yes, I understand that the "Impeach Obama" movement has more actual Constitutional standing than the "Impeach Bush" crowd ever had, but putting a "Impeach Obama" bumper sticker on your car is just asking for vandalism. I had my truck vandalized in February of 2000 for having a "Bush 2000" sticker on the rusty old bumper. After that, I kept the "Bush / Cheney" sticker in my glove-box. As the leftist are far more likely to act like petulant children towards those with whom they disagree, why risk it?
  • Related: I'm thinking on printing up some "Cheney / Palin 2012" stickers just to make the collective heads of the populace of Moscow on the Huron (aka Ann Arbor, Michigan) explode. It's what I do. I'm a "giver"
  • Riddle me this, Batman: why is it that the same people who voted for (mmm mmm mmm) Barack Hussein Obama will look you directly in the eye and tell you that Sarah Palin isn't "qualified" to be President. Am I the only one having a "WTF?" moment here? I mean, electing Obama has set the bar pretty fcuking low to begin with, based on the "Obama Standard" I'm far more qualified to hold the office than he is.
There was more, but it's late and I have homework to do.

more soon.


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