04 January 2011

Menu Planning

I'll be eating a lot more TacoBell.....

so anyway, last Tuesday TheMissus™ announced that she and the kids were going 'vegan'. This announcement proceeded a 34 hour filibuster on the joys and benefits of vegan-ism, the evils and horrors of meat consumption, and the pronouncement that I should be a vegan, too. (Three words: Not Gonna Happen)

As expected, it was decreed that all "animal products" be removed from the ice box. I was able to convince her that we should not just throw the food away, but that I would finish off all the "evil animal products".

Bright and early the next morning, I microwaved a plate of turkey bacon* for my breakfast as the kids were eating their free-trade organic oatmeal topped with free-range honey. I had (turkey) bacon for my breakfast everyday for the rest of the week.

So Monday evening, TheMissus™ makes a big batch of organic millet with free-trade mung beans, spinach, and hormone free yeast flakes. The kids were less than impressed. Frustrated, TheMissus™ asked if they wanted to put ketchup or something on it to make it more palatable.

Twin the Youngest piped up "Oh, yes. Can I put something on it?"

"Of course" said TheMissus. "What do you want to put on it?"

"Bacon" said Twin the Eldest.

Somehow, I thought it was a lot funnier than TheMissus™ did.

more soon

*yeah, I know it's not really bacon



At 19 January, 2011 22:28, Blogger Larry said...

Bacon does make everything better. Even bacon.
Funny how all that meat keeps showing up in the freezer...


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