09 March 2012

The Great Debate

not much of a debate, but he started it...

so anyway, Larry of Last Refuge of a Scoundrel fame and I share a common pet peeve: the difference between a "magazine" and a "clip".  Go yea therefore and read his post, then consider the following:

Is this a magazine or a clip?

For extra credit, what would you call this, using Larry's definitions?

Consider this us wheel-gun shooters taking our wise-assery somewhere else.*

more soon

*if you had read Larry's post, I wouldn't need to 'splain it to you


At 09 March, 2012 23:39, Blogger Larry said...

Well done. :D

At 15 April, 2012 01:36, Anonymous AZfederalist said...

Yeah, his pet peeve is "clips" vs. "magazines" and then he goes and says, "Load bullets on to CLIPS"

You would think for someone being so precise that he would have realized that bullets go on shells full of powder and the assembled entity is referred to as a "cartridge" or "round"

At 23 December, 2012 04:57, Blogger Larry said...

Hey, I fixed it!


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