27 April 2012

Right where I thought it would be

after thinking about it....

so anyway, TheMissus™ sent me to the bookstore in the Peoples' Republic of AnnArbor this afternoon to pick up a book on shaman-ism (it's a long story).  I walk up to the first worker-bee I can find and asked where in the store are the "New Age"-type books shelved.

The pierced and facially tattooed clerk gestures to the other side of the store and says "Go to Science Fiction and take a left".

I smiled and said "I guess I knew that intuitively".

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26 April 2012

The viral vid you need to see

all the cool kids have already posted it...

so anyway, watch and weep:

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19 April 2012


just you wait and see...

so anyway, here's my prediction regarding the doggy-gate dust up that's currently going down:  I predict that before the weekend is over, there will be several stories about various "celebrities" who will re-count their experiences eating dog meat whilst travelling abroad.  There will be some program on either the Food Network or the Travel Channel (or both) about dog meat being acceptable cuisine in  various parts of the world.  The UN will release a statement to the effect of "See?  The impoverished are forced to eat dog meat, because you Americans are such greedy bastards.  Pay up!"

In short, the leftards and the MFM (BIRM) will make great efforts to "mainstream" the consumption of dog meat.

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16 April 2012

BAG Day 2012

I may be a day early or a day late....

so anyway, either yesterday or tomorrow is BAG Day (Buy A Gun Day for the uninitiated).  The household finances here at Casa de Miguel prevented me from buying a gun (again this year), but I did manage to supplement the ammo locker:

I really need a better cell phone camera
100 practice rounds for the Ruger Speed Six, and 100 rounds of "poodle-shooter" (doG, I miss KdT) for the Chinese copy of a Soviet design that they ripped off from John Moses Browning (PBUH), all parked on the cowl of my Ford Earth-Fucker Expedition.  And if that's not enough to make the libtards' heads all 'splodey, I bought the ammo at.....WALMART!

(The Jolly Roger hanging in the background is just one of those happy photographic accidents, but I like it.)

veeshir of doubleplusundead fame has posted his annual BAG Day round-up.  Lots of cool stuff there.

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11 April 2012

You've already proven that you can make them blow up

why not figuring out how to make them not explode...

so anyway, unless you live in the metro Detroit (Rock City) area, you probably will not be seeing this story on the evening "news":

Battery explosion blows out lab windows at building in General Motors Tech Center in Warren

Government Motors released this statement:
"An incident occurred about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday inside a test chamber at the General Motors Alternative Energy Center during extreme testing of an experimental battery. Chemical gases from the battery cells were released and ignited in the enclosed chamber. The battery itself was intact. The battery tested and the incident have no connection with the Chevrolet Volt or any other GM production vehicle...."

Except that it was connected to the Volt.  The battery in question was a prototype made by A123 Systems.  Guess what other coal-powered plug-n-wait vehicle they make the battery for?   Go ahead, think about it, I'll wait.

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06 April 2012

Rollin' Coin

I've noticed a pattern...

not all from today, just what is in the pile currently

so anyway, I spent some quality time this evening converting loose change into actual spending monies, and I realized that I only get retentive about rolling coins when the President is a democrat.

I wonder why that is?  Curious, that.

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01 April 2012

Tax Cheat

I loves me a good meme....

so anyway, the other day Glenn Reynolds asked "...if anyone had encountered any Tim Geithner TAX CHEAT bills...". I had not, but upon sifting through the contents of my wallet, I found a crispy new twenty with Timmy's signature.  Being a "do it yourself" kind of guy, I made the appropriate markings.


sorry for the bad cellphone pic

I acquired a few more Timmeh! bills this afternoon, and applied the appropriate defacing.  These will hit the street tomorrow morning.

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