20 May 2012

In it's 29th season

still rides like a Cadillac....

so anyway, that's my old Ross Mt.Washington mountain bike.  I bought it in May 1983, and have beat the living siht out of it every year since.  Rode it through through the surf in Surfside Beach, Texas on more than one occasion.  At one time, it sported a "luggage rack" with a cooler duct-taped on-board.  Rock-hopped, trail ridden; through mud, snow, what ever you gots.

Steel frame.  Solid, even after 29 years.  Heavier than any two "modern" mountain bikes, combined.  Ten speed.

Whist I'm not a hipster, a detail shot of the bottle cage:

Yes, that's a PBR can,  It just happened to be on sale.

more soon


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