09 August 2012

Yet another (bumped)

Updated and bumped.  Now with 100% more video content.

I'll have some thoughts on this later

we'll have words real soon

(so much later it's actually Tuesday already)

so anyway, when the news of the Wisconsin shooting first broke, TheMissus™ responded with "f'n tea-baggin' hater" (her same response to the Tuscon shooting); later, after it was disclosed that the shooter was a veteran, my father-in-law quipped that "...another Bush / Cheney 'kill-bot' has fulfilled their duty..." (or something like that, I was having a RCoB moment).

Both were proven wrong...the Wisconsin shooter was a veteran of the Clinton era Army (and not a combat vet, rather a REMF), and he's more aligned with the Occupy ashsoles than even being close to the Taxed Enough Already movement.

Both TheMissus™ and her father were uncharacteristically quiet this evening.  Funny, that.

And now, some bar-stool psychoanalysis: look at their eyes.  The Colorado and the Arizona shooters both have "animated" eyes; the Wisconsin shooter's eyes are 'dead', like a shark's eyes.  (If it weren't so late, I'd find the scene from Jaws  where Robert Shaw describes the 'dead eyes' of the shark.  Hey, if you're reading this you have a computer and inter-web net-tubes access: look it up for your own damn self)

more soon


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