15 October 2012

Benghazi-gate (Updated)

at least Watergate didn't have a body count...

so anyway, via Ace we learn that Hillary Clinton has actually stepped up and taken responsibility for the security failures at out Consulate in Benghazi, Lybia.  Smitty at The Other McCain channels his inner Romney and provides what would be the bestest debate line ever, if Mitt were to drop it tomorrow night:

"...After the better part of four years, somebody in the Administration finally took responsibility the way leaders do, on one of those hopefully rare occasions when it involves confessing a shortcoming. In this case, one that involved the butchery of four Americans. Hopefully this President isn’t too old to learn something from all this. Better leaders plan so as to minimize these sorts of tragedies..."
Read both whole things.

I meant to post this like five days ago (that's like twelve weeks, in inter-web net-tube time), so, it's old.  But relevant, nonetheless:

Smitty also touches on something I suspected upon hearing that Hillary threw herself on the grenade:
"One can only speculate on the nature of the dirt #OccupyResoluteDesk has on her, to twist out that kind of mea culpa from Hillary."
Hillary is not known for "taking one for the team", but she is pragmatic and practical.  She'll throw herself on the grenade now for several reasons:

1.) She takes responsibility to take the issue off the table at the next two debates.

B.) Her doing so supports Slow Joe Biden saying that "...we (meaning the White House) didn't know...(about the Benghazi requests for extra security)".   That gets Obama off the hook for the failure (yes, I know the State Department is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Executive Office, so a failure at State is a failure of the White House.  Bear with me, occasionally stupid people low-information voters actually read this blog.)  Absolving the White House of responsibility bolsters the leftards' claim that Slow Joe actually "won" the VP debate.

III.) She knows that TFG is going to lose, and is positioning herself for 2016.  The aforementioned "low-information will have long forgotten Hillary's acceptance of failure.

more soon

Update:  It was actually Smitty's post at The Other McCain.

also, DaTechGuy has some thoughts on the subject

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