02 October 2012

Playin' catch-up

I collect siht faster than I can blog it.....

so anyway, I finally have a few minutes to share with you some interesting things that I have found over the past couple of days.  There are several pics and vids, so I'll put everything "below the fold"...

Still with me?  Great.  In no particular order, here's what I've stumbled across since we spoke last:

This is from that creepy shit last week where the O-tards were writing shit on the back of their hands then posting the pic.  I forget where I nicked this pic (which is a shame, 'cause it's really well-done and I always like to give attribution to whom-ever I stole shit from).

Then there's this:

This is the poster from the NYC subway that caused their Transit Authority to have a spastic colon last week.  It deserves it's own post (when I have time, yeah, riiight!), and will be appearing on the sidebar as a permanent entry soon.

I forget (again) where I found this and the context in which it was presented; but if I were ever going to get a tattoo, it would read like this:

Maybe I'll get it tattooed on both my ass and my forehead....

Then, there's the political stuff:

I like it.  There's also today's Romney campaign ad:

It's good, but it needs a couple of dozen "Stuttering ClusterFuck"-bombs.  And more cowbell.

more soon


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