12 December 2012

Right to Work

it's about damn time....

so anyway, I'll apologize in advance for a "video intense" post.  As you may have heard, Michigan is now a "right to work" state, and the union thugs (BIRM) are level-set on out-doing the goings on in Wisconsin a year and a half ago (or whenever it was.  I lose track of time.)

The Detroit (Rock City) local TV was playing the protest off as "angry, but peaceful"  noon-ish:

Fox 2 News Headlines

Apparently, it's a Fox News outlet.  I didn't recognize it, as Fox News became a "presence" long after I stopped watching television.  I'm sure that AT&T is pleased that one of their unionized employees had enough corporate pride to sport a hat with the AT&T logo and bitch about  "parasites".  The irony, it burns

Stephen Crowder, who you know from around the right side of the inter-web net-tubes, and who is apparently a "contributor" for the aforementioned Fox News, was in Lansing for the festivities and ended up taking one for the team (several, actually)

This is what the MSM calls "Angry, but peaceful".

In the end, there will be chaos.  We live in interesting times.

more soon

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