14 December 2012

The Most Terrible Day

absolutely just awful...

so anyway, the Nation weeps tonight because some deranged fuckhead went in to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut and killed twenty-six people, twenty of them children between the ages of five and ten.

"... twenty of them children between the ages of five and ten..."

Roll that thought around in your head for a few minutes.  Pissed off yet?  If not, seek help.  You're not human, and you are stealing oxygen on my planet.

The deranged fuckhead at least showed a small sign of basic human decency and killed himself, as well.  Which is who he wanted dead in the first place.

Ace had a really good "arm-chair" psycho-analysis of the deranged fuckhead and the enabling MSM this afternoon:
"...And a lot of media coverage tends to play this angle up. And I don't mean to knock the press too badly on this -- evil sells, and these people are evil.

However, I think it would do at least something to dissuade the next potential mass murderer to know, for example, that coverage on him will not focus on the Evil Menace part of him (which is a self-conception he finds flattering), but the Sad, Lonely Pathetic Guy Who Has a Small Dick and Couldn't Keep a Woman or a Job and Just Couldn't Hack It part of him. The part that's actually much more relevant to his crime -- masterful men do not have to kill people to let the world know "I exist" -- and the party [sic] that he's actually afraid of other people knowing about..."
Emphasis mine. 'cause you know it's true. RTWT

more soon


At 16 December, 2012 16:21, Blogger Larry said...

I feel no anger, just intense sadness. The anger, no doubt, will come later...but will be directed at the parasites in the media and the blood dancers elsewhere.

And the WBC. Scum sucking bottom feeding parasites.


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